Emmanuelle 2

Year: 1975
Director: Francois Giacobetti
Writer: Francois Giacobetti/Emmanuelle Arsan
Cast: Sylvia Kristel

Much more accomplished than its progenitor in almost every way. Where the original Emmanuelle's editing and staging bordered on that of a shoddy porno, this revisiting is slicker and more erotic.

Part of the reason is that you see more than just the lingering glimpses of Emmanuelle (Kristel) and her various lovers naked. You're treated to actual sex scenes that are sexier, more tasteful and cinematically better than the slightly mucky original.

Emmanuelle is older and wiser, swell versed in the ways of sexual liberation as her husband Jean wanted. The pair now live in Hong Kong and Kristel is as predatory with her lovers as Jean is with his, seducing several captivating youthful conquests.

They continue to live their hedonistic lifestyle in the face of scandal and shock on the part of houseguests and friends, most of whom inevitably fall under the erotic spell and happily disrobe for both the couple's and audience's pleasure.

Pornier, and ironically better for it.

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