Empire of the Ants

Year: 1977
Director: Bert I Gordon
Writer: H G Wells
Cast: Joan Collins, Robert Lansing
The epitome of high camp in schlock horror films, one scene in particular always comes back to me and seems to capture the spirit of the whole film; the ants running towards a hug shelter or hangar, and you can see them walking up the wall that's been removed when the shots have been superimposed over each other by a very dodgy (or underfunded) special effects team.

A nasty villainess (Collins) and a stern, silent hero (Lansing) lead a troupe of escapees from the titular monsters after being bought to Florida to be sold real estate in a phony deal.

Toxic waste (what else) mutates the ants to the size of army tanks and they track down their prey one by one, hunting them down with their hysterical ants-eye view (the normal film frame repeated dozens of times in tiny round circles.

As scary as a real ant, but funnier than most intended comedies. Wells must have been sitting in heaven alternately wetting himself and gnashing his teeth.

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