Encino Man

Year: 1992
Director: Les Mayfield
Cast: Sean Astin, Pauly Shore, Brendan Fraser, Richard Masur, Robin Tunney
Post Goonies and before his career enjoyed a resurgence courtesy of Lord of the Rings and the films of Adam Sandler, Sean Astin had a few stabs at being a comic leading man during his post-teen years.

This was a mid range effort, collecting the 'talents' of Pauly Shore, who was somewhat ironically the Adam Sandler of his day, and a very early Brendan Fraser who outlasted all of them to eventually gain bona fide leading man ( The Mummy ) and dramatic (The Quiet American) status.

Digging a pool in his California backyard, Dave (Astin) and his goofy (and generic) comic sidekick friend Stoney (Shore) dig up a caveman who's been frozen for millions of years. Thawing him out, they bring him back to life, take him to school and proceed to become the life of the party thanks to his antics.

Typical of the market for the film is a scene where Stoney takes Link (Fraser) through the five basic food groups and they're all convenience story junk food, but otherwise there are a couple of laughs.

Watch Fraser in action as Link just after waking up however - you can see the talent he brings to bear even in a moronic teen comedy and he convinces fully.

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