End of Days

Year: 1999
Director: Peter Hyams
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rod Steiger, Gabriel Byrne, Robin Tunney, Kevin Pollack
This film marked beginning of the end of Arnold Scwarzenegger's film career - the irascible The Sixth Day was the final nail in his action hero coffin.

The nineties were over, the kind of all-hell-breaks-loose action hero America loved was becoming increasingly irrelevant (and offensive) in a world where America was mostly the pushy aggressor, and after Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer had almost totally sacrificed audience interest on the altar of special effects with Armageddon and Pearl Harbor, big loud dumb action films were as popular as paternity suits in Hollywood.

But Arnie held on a beat too long as a damaged cop who unwittingly stumbles into a conspiracy by Satan to bring about the end of the world on New Years Eve 1999. I can't even remember the storyline except that it had something to do with the devil incarnate (Byrne) and his plot to get the heroine (Tunney) pregnant, that it was disappointing and I remember walking out and realising it was the end of an age for Schwarzenegger and his style. The title was more prophetic than it realised.

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