Enemy Mine

Year: 1985
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Cast: Dennis Quaid, Louis Gossett Jr, Brion James
A very good idea with an epic tone, let down somewhat by a stifling budget and shoddy effects.

It's somewhere in space in the far future and a hotshot pilot (Quaid) is shot down while pursuing one of his hated enemy, the Dracs (Gossett Jr in incredible make-up).

The two alternately try to stay out of each other's way and kill each other as they wait for a rescue that might never come, and eventually realise they have to work together if they're going to stay alive.

There are a lot of parables about racism and tolerance, but it's a good, strong idea that deserved better execution. With such social and thought provoking themes and the potential for great effects it would have made an excellent tentpole event movie.

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