Year: 1999
Director: Jon Amiel
Cast: Catherine Zeta Jones, Sean Connery, Will Patton
That turn of the century one where you start to feel sick thinking Catherine Zeta Jones is going to shag Sean Connery. Thankfully, they don't, but instead they run around the world to pull of a high tech heist on New Year's Eve 1999 in the iconic Petronas Towers complex in Kuala Lumpur.

She's a technically-skilled up and coming robber, he's an old school old hand. Of course, they join forces to pull the scam of the century while Will Patton's nasty insurance executive looks on hoping to nab them in the act.

Very run of the mill until the final scenes where the climactic escape from the towering buildings is quite breathtaking (or that might just be me and what I'm like with heights).

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