Escape from LA

Year: 1996
Director: John Carpenter
Writer: John Carpenter
Cast: Kurt Russell, Steve Buscemi, Pam Grier, Cliff Robertson, Stacey Keach, Michelle Forbes, Valeria Golino, Peter Fonda
Too little too late for Carpenter and the idea that made Escape from New York such a cult fixture.

Snake Plissken (Russell) is taken to the eeeevil government fortress and scratched with a needle which he's then has transmitted a killer virus to him. The cure - along with the electronic trinket the government needs - is hidden somewhere in the wasteland that used to be Los Angeles. So they blackmail Plissken into going after it for the fundamentalist president and meeting the satires of LA characters along the way.

Where his trademark tough-guy facade worked in a schlocky cult movie like New York, here it just seems to remind us all (which is should have Carpenter) what a silly idea it was, and that it would run out of the steam of its own illusions before long.

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