Evil Woman

Year: 2001
Director: Dennis Dugan
Cast: Jack Black, Steve Zahn, Jason Biggs, Amanda Peet, R Lee Ermey, Amanda Detmer, Neil Diamond
Two of the biggest talents from the 'buffoon' comedy set team up against straight man Jason Biggs in this simple but funny movie about a cruel, manipulative woman who breezes effortlessly through the friendship of three guys and on whom the jilted pair (Black and Zahn) plot revenge - which probably won't work as they're too stupid.

The trio's Neil Diamond tribute band is going great when ice queen Judith (Peet) decides to target Darren (Biggs) as her new boyfriend, barring him from seeing his friends, performing in the band and occasionally letting him masturbate as well.

Wayne and JD kidnap Judith and a very one-sided battle of wits ensues as the two try to get the better of the much-smarter Judith, despite being handcuffed to a chair.

Some good lines by two of the funniest men in cinema back before they were big (although Zahn still isn't).

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