Excess Baggage

Year: 1997
Director: Marco Brambilla
Producer: Alicia Silverstone
Cast: Alicia Silverstone, Benicio Del Toro, Christopher Walken, Jack Thompson
Alicia Silverstone's big chance as a force of nature in Hollywood, this was the first project under her much-publicised production banner. How well it did is evident when you realise she last played third or fourth fiddle to Queen Latifah in Beauty Shop, and after the impact of Clueless, her newfound power sunk like a stone.

Trying to mesh comedy with a teen angst film and mostly failing, a young girl (Silverstone) is determined to make her rich father take notice of her so she fakes her own kidnapping to test his devotion.

When luckless carjacker Benicio Del Toro (long before he found cinematic cool) stumbles across the car she's hiding in, he takes her reluctantly on the run and presumably (from what I remember) romance blossoms.

Not funny enough to be a comedy, not sharp or smart enough to be anything else.

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