The Extra

Year: 2004
Production Co: Macquarie Film Corporation
Director: Kevin Carlin
Writer: Kevin Carlin/Jimeoin
Cast: Jimeoin, Rhys Muldoon, Kristy Hinze, Shaun Micallef, Bob Franklin, Tyler Kane, Michael Veitch
Cut from the same feelgood cloth as a lot of Aussie comedies recently, it's technically adept, sweetly funny and effective as it reveals the lot of acting extras through the prism of the hero (Jimeoin) who works as one on a big American production.

He tries to navigate a new romance with a co-star and fellow desperate actor, the attentions of the megastar leading lady (Hinze) and the feature being put together under the auspices of a nightclub owner and criminal (Franklin), and the final product has its heart in the right place. Good if underwhelming fun.

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