The Fan

Low key but highly stylised direction with great camerawork making the most of the intense emotions of the characters, the phone calls between fan De Niro, baseballer Snipes and radio announcer Barkin a classic example.

De Niro is a knife salesman and baseball fan who we think is just your average American sports fanatic. When his favourite player (Snipes) is traded to his team, he's as disappointed as everyone that another player already has his (Snipes') superstitious favourite number. Things go awry for everyone when the player with the number is murdered. When we realise it was the 'average' fan, things go downhill as he begins to creepily stalk Snipes, to the point (during the climax) where he kidnaps his hero's child.

De Niro plays the kind of character he does best - the quiet, everyday schmoe with a murdering psychopath simmering just underneath. A fairly mundane story is given a sharp script, excellent direction by rock and roll director Scott and solid backing performances

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