The Fast and the Furious

Year: 2001
Production Co: Original Film
Studio: Universal
Director: Rob Cohen
Cast: Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez
The film that signalled Rob Cohen's arrival as the director he is today, the Simpson/Bruckheimer/MTV-inspired effects director all amped up on speed, explosions, breakneck cuts and a minimum of story responsible. He turned into the man who became bigger than his movies, his crystal-meth personality bursts through the screen at every stage of xXx and Stealth.

Ironically he's quite different from the other Rob Cohen responsible for The Skulls, Dragonheart and Daylight, where the man didn't overshadow the movie.

Tailor made for Cohen's brand of street youth machismo, the CGI scenes of the engines firing in Fast and the Furious sum the whole movie up; it's about driving fast and doing it furiously.

Hard-to-believe undercover cop Brian (Walker) is tracking a gang that hijack trucks shipping electronics, and he thinks he's found his baddies - the gang led by charismatic Dom (Diesel). Insinuating himself into their lives to, he all-too predictably falls for the hero's sister and enjoys the illegal street drag racing they do to unwind a little too much.

Finally having to take sides during the climactic hijacking and race to the train track finish line, Walker watches Diesel walk off with the props and the burgeoning career as the 21st century Arnie and Cohen walk off to blockbuster budgets and summer openings.

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