Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Year: 2006
Director: Justin Lin
Cast: Lucas Black, Bow Wow
A teen movie dream – as long as you're a teen who's never seen a movie before.

Once promising Lucas Black (the kid from American Gothic all those years ago, he was also the kid who fell in the hole at the beginning of the X Files movie and has gone on to appear in good films like Friday Night Lights) is a typical rebellious tearaway street racer sent to Japan to live with his military father after one too many brushes with the law.

There it's a matter of ticking the boxes; meet the cute girl with the wholesome heart who doesn't dress like quite as much of a slut as the rest of the ho's so you know he can get serious about her because she's a nice girl – check. Meet the funny sidekick (Bow Wow – not very Li'l any more) who serves as story exposition for us – check. Make enemies with the local heavies (the nice girl is of course the girlfriend of the nasty leader) – check. The 60 second montage as the hero learns the new skill that will allow him to save the day – check.

Wrap it all up in chicks dressed like hookers (Japanese schoolgirls too – is there a more market-friendly hook for teen boys?), illegal street racing and hotted up Japanese cars and you have an instantly saleable package to the undiscriminating bonehead.

You've seen it before – over and over and over and over and over and over again.

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