Fast & Furious

Year: 2009
Studio: Universal
Director: Justin Lin
Producer: Vin Diesel
Writer: Chris Morgan
Cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster
New model, original parts? Shouldn't the tagline have been 'new movie, original actors all back because their careers have turned to shit?'

Vin Diesel made the mistake of giving in to the temptation of a big fat tainted Disney cheque to do a 'make fun of his tough guy persona in a comedy about kids' movie and flushed any promise he had down the Hollycrapper (take heed and tread carefully, Dwayne Johnson).

And despite bucketloads of charm and talent, something's held Paul Walker back, and I'm not entirely convinced it was his choice of roles, with Running Scared and Flags of Our Fathers very high in quality.

So back they come to the franchise that made their name, maybe as certain that the film was going to rake in nearly four times its money as it did.

Dropping the third instalment as decisively as Bryan Singer did the third Superman film for his redux, Brian (Walker) is now in the FBI tracking a drug running gang and Dominic (Diesel) and Letty (Rodriguez) are making a living in high octane driving jobs around the world, such as that in the explosive fuel tanker heist opening.

When the heat gets too much, Dom sneaks away in the middle of the night in order to protect Letty, returning home to his sister Mia (Brewster) for the quiet life. But when Letty's murdered, Dom goes on the revenge trail, and when Brian is assigned to what turns out to be the same case, he must go undercover among the driving gangs who move the product to get close to the capo.

It's a convenient plot device to put Walker and Diesel behind the wheel for several neck-breaking races throughout the streets of LA, across the desert near the Mexican border and finally for their lives.

Original parts, yes. New model? Hardly - you've seen this a million times.

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