Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Year: 1965
Production Co: Eve Productions
Director: Russ Meyer
Producer: Russ Meyer
Writer: Russ Meyer
The most respected porn director comes back with another schlocky bad girl dramedy of the sort that would inspire a generation of cult fanboys years later.

The original boy's wet dream/worst nightmare as three strippers who like to wear tight clothes, tease and shag lots of unsuspecting men and race their cars terrorise a young couple in the desert outside Los Angeles. They bash and kill the man and take his young, innocent girlfriend (in a bikini) hostage as they try to infiltrate a family farm to make off with a stash of loot they hear about.

It's a tawdry mess as they all scheme, seduce and double cross everyone else around them - including each other, and if Meyer's saying anything it seems to be that the fantasy woman he created is a myth worthy of little but destruction.

Camp, clumsy, not very entertaining. Despite all you imagine and hope for, there's not so much as a single naked breast.

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