Father of the Bride

Year: 1991
Studio: Touchstone
Director: Charles Shyer
Writer: Nancy Meyers
Cast: Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kimberley Williams, Kieran Culkin
One of Steve Martin's family comedies back when he was firmly entrenched in his new persona of sensitive, loving dad rather than the buffoon of films like The Man With Two Brains and The Jerk.

In a similar vein to Parenthood (in which he played almost the same character) it's at a basic level a comment on how fast kids grow up. A remake of a 1950's film, it takes a sweet and good hearted look at the anxieties and hopes of a father for his daughter when she announces she's getting married and he faces a nagging empty nest syndrome.

This emotional subtext plays out against the backdrop of the manic wedding plans, everything from the outrageous cost to the preening wedding co-ordinator everyone can understand except for George (Martin).

Some of his closest SNL and past collaborators such as Eugene Levy and Martin Short join him in a feel-good romp that'll have you chuckling and tugging your heartstrings daintily in equal measure.

Followed by a sequel with the slightly creepy premise that he and his wife (Keaton) are having another baby at the same time as his now-betrothed daughter.

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