Fearless Vampire Killers

Year: 1967
Director: Roman Polanski
Writer: Roman Polanski
Cast: Roman Polanski, Jack MacGowan, Sharon Tate
Having seen about half an hour of this movie as a kid, I was intrigued to discover more recently that it was not only Roman Polanski's debut but a cult classic.

With the tone of the film easily visible in the subtitle (Pardon Me, But Your Teeth are in My Neck), Polanski produced a camp, slapstick film not unlike something the Marx Brothers would have made, with little of his later ingenuity or distinctive style.

But it's a fun enough romp about a vampire hunter and his hapless young assistant sent by villagers to destroy the creatures of the night (including the Count, his son, and a host of other ghouls) at the local castle fortress.

Almost a game of chasings as the pair make their way around the snowy castle keep trying to dispatch the monsters and rescue the winsome leading lady (Sharon Tate, later Polanski's who ended up butchered at the hands of the Manson family).

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