Feeling Sexy

Year: 1999
Director: Davida Allen
Cast: Susie Porter, Tamblyn Lord
A small but effective movie - fairly stylised in quick 'snippet' scenes to set a general mood as much as tell as story, and it mostly works. Vicki (Porter) is a passionate, creative person with an artistic spirit and a zest for life. But suburban domesticity, a brood of screaming children and the ensuing exhaustion have driven it out of her and she hates what she's become. Desperate for any shred of magic in life, she has an affair, confesses all and so not only has the misery and boredom of motherhood to deal with but the damage she's caused.

How she solves the problem is a pretty long shot that does work but doesn't provide the answer you're looking for (for a satisfactory conclusion as much as the answer to the age-old conundrum). But the delivery will hit squarely and painfully home to anyone who's ever felt like it, and reminds us all of one of those underground truths - how we all want to feel magical, sexy and excited, but how so few of us in today's world get the time.

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