Female Agents

Year: 2008
Director: Jean-Paul Salomé
Writer: Jean-Paul Salomé
Cast: Sophie Marceu, Deborah Francoios, Julie Depardieu
Based on a true story, this film is about a small troupe of female spies that were sent on a mission posing as nurses and dancers in order to spirit a captive engineer from under the noses of the Nazis before they tortured the truth about the Normandy landing out of him.

Being French you think it's going to be a lyrical, poetic tale, but (despite the female protagonists) it's more of a boys-own adventure style war movie, with daring escapes, crackerjack timing, resilience and courage (when the operations falls apart and the girls are gradually captured) and wartime daring.

Being French however, there are few happy endings for the attractive cast and it balances a line between thriller and drama well, shying away from full frontal brutality and bloodshed.

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