Final Destination 2

Year: 2003
Studio: New Line Cinema
Director: David Richard Ellis
Writer: J Mackye Gruber/Eric Bress
Cast: Ali Larter
The same story again, this time with a few references (and at least one character) from the original movie.

This time the sensitive one amongst the horny teens sees a bloody freeway pile-up before they take off from the on ramp. She blocks the way of the cars behind her, the pile-up explodes into action down the road, and everyone goes off thinking they're safe, but the race is on again...

The hero tracks down Clear (Larter) from the first film, who's seen the two guys she ended her ordeal with dead and has committed herself to an insane asylum and a padded room. Enlisting her help, they once more try to cheat death while their numbers are gradually depleted.

Like fast food - fun, reliable and no surprises other than the occasional sugar hit.

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