A formulaic action film with athlete Howie Long in his Oliver Gruner-esque soiree into acting and one time James Cameron main squeeze and Titanic star Amis.

Created by shaking up a jar full of generic plot elements, characterisations and sequences, Long plays Schwarzenegger-like smokejumper hero, parachuting into forest fires in the US. The villain (Forsythe), a 'chilling' killer, stages a prison breakout by having outside contacts light a forest fire, taking over their transport bus and posing as Canadian firefighters to make their getaway.

That's all the story we're presented with or need to know as fistfights, thrown chainsaws and standard action fare takes place amid a huge fire. Entertaining and snappy enough if you don't expect much, but strictly by the numbers. An early turn by Barry Pepper – who clawed his way through some atrocious projects before landing the plum role as squad sharpshooter in Saving Private Ryan – as a creepy sex offender.

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