The Fisher King

Year: 1991
Studio: Columbia
Director: Terry Gilliam
Producer: Lynda Obst
Cast: Jeff Bridges, Robin Williams, Amanda Plummer, Kathy Najimy, Harry Shearer
A humanist tale about how salvation can come from the unlikeliest of sources. Admittedly not a new idea, but given an extra sheen of panache by two very able leads that make it more interesting than it is on paper.

Bridges is a popular radio shock jock who falls on hard times and finds himself in with eccentric homeless loon Williams, who proceeds to show the formerly shallow, selfish tyrant a world he's never seen.

Even from there it veers in many different directions - many of them unexpected, some of them with a strong touch of whimsy (as in the dragon creature Williams' character lives in mortal fear of), so even though it's not the best movie around and is sort of a mess it's certainly something you've never seen before.

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