Flight of the Living Dead

Year: 2007
Production Co: Imageworks Entertainment International
Director: Scott Thomas
Writer: Scott Thomas
Cast: Kevin J O'Connor, Raymond Barry
To call this movie a title in search of a movie is actually a little cruel. How much innovation can one expect from this instantly forgettable (and forgotten) mash-up of Snakes on a Plane and Dawn of the Dead .

It's played for laughs with an appropriately funny group of characters, and despite a few dramatic stumbles, the effects, dialogue by a raft of second-tier actors and performances are exactly what you expect as a zombie gets loose on an international flight.

Being trafficked by a nefarious group of scientists, the undead attacks and the infection spreads until the expected hijinks ensues. There are as many scares and as much gore as there are laughs, which is to say they're professional and plentiful enough but nothing outstanding.

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