Flight of the Navigator

Year: 1986
Production Co: Viking Films
Director: Randal Kleiser
Cast: Cliff de Young, Veronica Cartwright, Howard Hessemen, Sarah Jessica Parker
A whimsical boy-with-his-own-UFO story with a touch of thriller intrigue amid the Disney charm.

A young boy goes missing for eight years, suddenly turns up and nobody knows why, but the government is very interested about a connection with spacecraft sightings.

The young hero has to race the clock and the bad guys to find out what happened to his, as he has no memory of where he's been.

As it turns out he was whisked across time and the stars by a very cool spaceship containing samples of life from numerous worlds, one he gets the chance to reacquaint himself with and which will hopefully take him back to his own time (although not before having the sort of fun any 8 year old would have with his own spaceship).

Cute and innocuous, a good slant on a common fantasy made popular everywhere from Star Wars to The Last Starfighter.

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