The Fly II

Year: 1989
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Director: Chris Walas
Writer: Mick Garris/Frank Darabont
Cast: Eric Stoltz, Daphne Zuniga
You'd expect to say this film was a highly commercial splatter flick cash-in of David Cronenberg's slickly psychological original, except that The Fly was one of Cronenberg's most linear, commercial films.

Continuing the story with a passable Geena Davis lookalike dying in childbirth giving birth to Seth Brundle's child, the unwitting Martin (Stoltz) grows up in the scientific institution Bartok Inc where the director (and villain) keeps a close watch on his development, just waiting for any signs of insecthood.

As Martin tries to enjoy a normal life, including falling for cute Bartok employee Beth (Zuniga), he's unaware of the eyes and ears watching him, apart from the taunts of a particularly cruel security guard you just know is going to cop it.

As Martin starts to change, the race is on to track down the embittered anti-hero from the first movie, Stathis, to find out about Martin's true nature and save him from a fate worse than flyspray while bringing down the evil Bartok corporation at the same time.

Good fun, gory and with cool makeup effects.

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