Year: 2003
Director: William Phillips
Writer: William Phillips
Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Kristin Booth
Ryan Reynolds was the only reason I watched this seeming straight-to-video bomb; there's just something I like about him that raises him above most of the asinine rom-coms he's in. He was the best thing about Blade: Trinity and he's almost the best thing about this.

Twist endings are a dime a dozen, and most people don't like them as much as I do - that might explain it sinking straight to DVD without a trace.

But it was well executed and ironically well acted for a B grade thriller. It deals with three friends who pull off jewel and bank heists to amuse each other - the catch is they only plan them, never do them.

But their plans are so good, one of them actually happens after an apartment break-in that results in one of the being stolen.

Disturbingly for the heroes, the cops start sniffing around them, and what's worse, a fearsome mob boss - the one who lifted their plan - comes after them too, telling them he'll let them off the hook if they pull off the most daring job they have.

The relationships between the three characters and that of the mobster are deceptively effective in driving the story - in fact to an extent you don't realise until much later on when the twist reveals all. It's a hugely satisfying payoff and thankfully, the action, suspense and humour have all been top notch until that point.

It would have been a good movie with three unknowns, but Reynolds makes it even better.

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