Fool’s Gold

Year: 2008
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Andy Tennant
Writer: Andy Tennant
Cast: Kate Hudson, Mathew McConaghuey, Donald Sutherland, Ray Winstone, Ewen Bremner, Malcolm Jamal Warner
It's always interesting to wonder why people get into acting for a living. Matthew McConaghuey doesn't seem to have any airs or graces about the rewards of the performing arts other than the Hollywood lifestyle we all dream about; filming in and around tropical north Queensland, pretending to sleep with Kate Hudson, partying every night away with the locals and bedding several of them, as the news reports and New Idea-style tell-alls have suggested.

If the quality of this movie is anything to go by, that's the only reason he and the rest of the cast would have signed on, and he certainly enjoys himself as the slacker, soon to be divorced hero who's spent his life searching for sunken treasure he's convinced exists in the area.

His soon to be ex wife (Hudson) just wants to get out of his life but when he makes a startling discovery that seems to finally bring the treasure in arms reach, she's of course tantalised into one last score with him.

Throw in Donald Sutherland as a rich industrialist who underwrites the effort, Ray Winstone as a salty boat captain and former hero's mentor, Ewen Bremner as a Ukrainian sidekick and a hundred other phoned in performances from second rate stars and the whole thing's as well planned and lazy as a cruise around the Whitsundays.

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