For Your Eyes Only

Year: 1981
Director: John Glen
Cast: Roger Moore, Desmond Llewellyn, Lois Maxwell
Apparently the topic of controversy among Bond fans as it went back to the minimalism Ian Fleming envisioned for James Bond - after too much emphasis on gadgetry and action heroism, things shifted back to the relatively simple life of spying.

And so, for a fan who's seen all the other Bond films, including the later ones where the focus has decidedly shifted back onto gadgetry and enormous explosions, a bit of a bore.

A Greek shipping magnate is gunned down - his daughter vows revenge against the cartel that killed him, but as it turns out, he was dealing in much shadier things than undersea archaeological ruins.

Forging connections across northern Italy and Greece, Bond (Moore) tries to outwit, outrun and identify his nemesis (and outgun his many henchmen) before the vengeful daughter can exact her revenge and place her own life in danger.

Understated, slow and proof that the Bond mythology has blown out of all proportion.

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