Forget Paris

Year: 1995
Production Co: Castle Rock
Studio: Columbia
Director: Billy Crystal
Producer: Billy Crystal
Writer: Billy Crystal
Cast: Billy Crystal, Debra Winger, Joe Mantegna, Richard Masur, Julie Kavner, Cathy Moriarty
For some reason, the story of a relationship that just won't work even though the hero and heroine want it to really touched me.

Born in the romance of falling in love in Paris, modern couple Mickey (Crystal) and Ellen (Winger) have to - as the title suggests - forget Paris. But in the shadow of conflicting careers, the pressure of her geriatric father living with them and the general malaise of life, they just can't seem to get their relationship the way they want, where the only thing to blame is a failure to gel.

Heartbreaking and realistic in the same way Michelle Pfeiffer/Bruce Willis comedy/drama The Story of Us is, it was unlikely to ever win any awards or even garner much attention, but it articulates the modern conundrums of love like few do. Told all in flashbacks, which gives the film the economical device of just showing the important parts of a years-long story.

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