Year: 1993
Director: Alex Winter/Tom Stern
Writer: Alex Winter/Tom Stern
Cast: Alex Winter, Mr T, Jeff Kahn, Brooke Shields, Morgan Fairchild, Keanu Reeves, Randy Quaid, Bobcat Goldthwait
If the internet had been as big in 1993 what it was today, this film would have given rise to the phenomenon of the Internet buzz long before Snakes on a Plane.

With the same target audience and the same tone of unabashed silly fun, they would have refused to show it to critics, believing (rightly) that most would hate it. They could have been confident of a huge cult following, and while by all accounts it made its money back at cinemas, it would have raked in cash if DVD had been around in those days.

A completely stupid idea given completely ridiculous reign, a mad inventor (Quaid) runs a circus populated with various freaks, all of whom he creates himself on computer - keep your eyes open for the 'mouse'. But reluctant hero Ricky (Winter, of Lost Boys and Bill and Ted fame, whose baby the film was) wants out, trying to lead a rebellion among the others like sock head (Goldthwait), the bearded lady (Mr T) and Nosey (Kahn).

Some blisteringly funny cameos combine with gags that are so awe-inspiringly stupid you can't help but laugh to create a movie that was all wrong on paper but audacious enough to be funny. Some of them, from sock-head's repeated claim that he's not one much for various exertions to each character telling the story of how they used to be - the saw dreaming of its former life as a hammer - are nearly memorable as the immortal Flying High jokes. That's also an uncredited Keanu Reeves as dogboy.

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