Year: 1992
Production Co: Morgan Creek
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Geoff Murphy
Writer: Ronald Shussett
Cast: Emilio Estevez, Rene Russo, Anthony Hopkins, Mick Jagger, Amanda Plummer, Esai Morales
The film that convinced the world there was one thing more painful than imagining shagging Mick Jagger - watching him act.

Also a strange project for him to be involved in, the story about a racing car driver snatched away to the future split seconds before his impending death to implant the mind of a dying billionaire (Hopkins) into his body.

The future he's whisked to by the paramilitary agent (Jagger) is a dystopian, fascist hellhole, dank cities scattered with burning rubbish.

When the hero (Estevez) goes on the lam from the soldiers who saved his life, he becomes a 'freejack', a rogue visitor from the past, treated for some reason by the locals as if he's diseased.

I can't remember why he's so feared by the locals, but the idea is a good one but badly handled. It could have been something straight from the annals of Philip K Dick, but - neither the plot nor the characters were interesting enough to stick in my memory. All I remember is Mick Jagger chewing up the script like it was a ham sandwich.

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