Year: 1996
Production Co: Kushner-Locke Company
Director: Matthew Bright
Writer: Matthew Bright
Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Keifer Sutherland, Dan Hedaya, Brooke Shields, Amanda Plummer, Bookeen Woodbine, Brittany Murphy
Reese Witherspoon back before she was a real heavy hitter. Playing a trailer trash girl, she accepts a lift from an everyday guy on the freeway (Sutherland) who says he's a counsellor and she slowly trusts him.

Trouble is, a psychotic child molester/killer has been cruising the highway for victims, and the nuances of his behaviour over the course of the ride make you constantly change your mind about whether he is or isn't the killer. When she realises the truth, it's too late and she's in his clutches.

I didn't even realise it was intended as a modern Little Red Riding Hood parable, but it's easy to see it in hindsight. She escapes from the psychos clutches but mortally maims him, and then has to try to make sure he doesn't do it again. A cool movie that satisfies.

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