French Twist

Year: 1995
Production Co: StudioCanal+
Director: Josian Balasko
Writer: Josian Balasko
Cast: Josian Balasko, Victoria Abril
It would have been described as a sassy comedy and at the time it probably was, but everything about this French comedy looks and feels like the late eighties (ironically given the year of release).

A passion project by director, writer and costar Josian Balasko, it's about a woman who finally flips out at her husband's infidelities by inviting a nomadic lesbian to stay at their house and embark on a relationship.

It's all about the emotional fallout for the three involved and while the story is more or less structured well and engaging enough on the surface, something about the direction and performances didn't grab me. Perhaps if it was a cooler film with a much sexier feel it would have worked as an erotic comedy.

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