French Vampire in America

Year: 1992
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: John Landis
Cast: Anne Parrilaud, Robert Loggia, Anthony LaPaglia, Chazz Plaminteri, Angela Bassett, Luis Guzman, Marshall Bell, Don Rickles
Part of a confusing couple of films, this. The Julie Delpy-starrer American Werewolf in Paris had nothing to do with John Landis or David McNaughton - this is actually the 'sequel' to An American Werewolf in London.

Marie is a French vampire doing very nicely until she puts the bite on a mafia kingpin who comes back from the grave and starts to amass a new Mob of vampire bagmen. Teaming up with the policeman trying to put the kingpin away, Marie has to put a stop to it.

Flaccid, dreary and neither funny, scary nor interesting. Released overseas as Innocent Blood. Come back David, Griffin and Jenny!

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