Year: 1999
Studio: New Line
Director: Gregory Hoblit
Cast: Dennis Quaid, Jim Caviezel
An intriguing idea well executed, exploring themes of time travel touched upon in everything from Back to the Future to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ('The trash can... remember the trash can.') A ham radio hobbyist, fireman and Noo Yawk baseball nut (Quaid) starts talking to someone on his radio who turns out to be his son on the same day thirty years in the future. After his sons warns him of his imminent death in a fire, he is saved and all seems rosy, but in playing with the past, the grown son, now a cop who can't hold his life together (Caviezel) has altered his present terribly.

The rest of the story does a very good job dealing with the two trying to make everything turn out for the best by talking on the radio each night, thirty years apart. Some catchy camera work, strong imagery and very realistic performances make it an engaging and emotive film, which is a relief because it could have been trumped up, sci fi, B grade garbage.

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