Friday After Next

Year: 2002
Production Co: Cube Vision
Director: Marcus Raboy
Writer: Ice Cube
Cast: Ice Cube, Mike Epps, John Witherspoon, Clifton Powell
More of the same, and from a Friday movie, that's what you want; fast talking ghetto gangstas, middy gun humour and a plot that centres on Craig trying to stay out of trouble despite the half cocked gangbangers, thugs and crims around him in the hood.

It's Christmas Eve and Craig and Day Day have jobs as security guards at the local strip mall where their folks co-own a fried chicken shop ('so good it makes you want to slap yo mama').

After a crackhead Santa has broken in to their house and stolen all their presents, Craig just wants to keep his head down and find the punk who did it, but Day Day has ideas above his station, they've lost their rent money and their hardass landlady is threatening to sic her enormous son Damon onto them (he's built like a truck, has just been released from the pen and likes boys).

There's a fly bitch, a collection of tryhard pimps, and laughs aplenty if you enjoyed the first two Friday films.

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