Year: 1995
Director: F Gary Gray
Cast: Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Tom Tiny Lister Jr
Another distinctly South Central LA movie - years after Boyz N the Hood but with the same flavour, badass dialogue and homie stylin'.

This time though, it's a comedy, portraying a day in the life of a young street playa Craig (Cube) and his pothead, fast-talking dogg Smokey (Tucker).

Just trying to sit on the porch of Craig's house and chill after he's lost his job the day before, the homiez have to put up with everything from a drive by and the enormous neighbourhood bully Deebo to Craig's bizarre father and some neighbourhood hotties.

More enjoyable for Tucker's motor mouth endlessly shredding the gangsta vernacular than for any semblance of storytelling, Cube is Tucker's straight man, and while he's the best rapper in the world, he wasn't as confident an actor back then, showing much more ability handling a character in David O Russell's Three Kings.

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