Fright Night

Year: 1985
Studio: Columbia
Director: Tom Holland
Writer: Tom Holland
Cast: Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale
The tone of the film makes me think the producers intended on making a small, commercial horror film, but I always get the feeling it garnered a much higher cult profile than they anticipated.

Charlie is an everyday teen when a charming vampire and his undead minion moves in next door. Of course, nobody believes Charlie, and gradually everyone from his mother to his cute girlfriend Amy falls under Jerry (Chris Sarandon) Dandrige's sway.

It's up to Charlie, so he enlists the help of fading late night horror theatre TV presenter Peter Vincent (McDowall), embittered because of the cancellation of his show in the face of waning popularity because kids just don't believe in monsters and ghouls anymore.

With cool characters, an inoffensive 80s aesthetic and just the right amount of scares and blood, it's hits dead centre like a canine to the neck.

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