Year: 2008
Production Co: Imagine Entertainment
Studio: Universal Pictures
Director: Ron Howard
Producer: Brian Grazer/Tim Bevan/Eric Fellner/Ron Howard
Writer: Peter Morgan
Cast: Frank Langella, Michael Sheen, Sam Rockwell, Kevin Bacon, Oliver Platt, Clint Howard
This is the first really small film Ron Howard's done, gradually and thrillingly stripping proceedings down to the scope of two men sitting in a room, and with Peter Morgan's script (adapted from his play), it does a great job of zeroing in on the titanic battle of wills taking place, excising more and more background, characters and the rest of the world until it's just an intellectual mano a mano.

Most of what made it into the film is historically accurate in some context even if it didn't happen as depicted, but it was a dramatic enough story in itself.

Upcoming British TV uber-interviewer Frost (Sheen in another brilliant character where you forget you're watching an actor playing a guy) was kind of slumming in Australia doing cheesy variety shows when the opportunity came up to put Richard Nixon (Langella) on the metaphorical stand and - as everyone hoped - make him answer for the wrongdoing he committed against the American people.

So Frost's team becomes an assassin squad in four agreed-to interview times, but Nixon - no stranger to holding his own - and his own team intend on giving Frost no such ground.

After floundering under Nixon's media mastery and command of the agenda, Frost and his guys realise they have to go in hard, and during the last couple of slots tensions and tempers reach boiling point for the world to see.

Two fascinating characters portrayed by two brilliant actors is the only reason to see this film - not the period or the cinematography, but the simple craft of portraying emotions between people interacting.

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