Get Carter

Year: 1971
Studio: MGM
Director: Mike Hodges
Writer: Mike Hodges
Cast: Michael Caine, Britt Ekland
I'm sorry, but this is one of those films where I just don't get it. If I'd been of age when it came out and never seen anything else like it, I might have been impressed.

A career criminal (Caine) travels from London to Newcastle to investigate and avenge his brother's murder. He does so by taking part in plenty of iconic scenes such as walking out into the street bollock naked with a shotgun to a heavy's face while he sees him off.

I looked hard for what was supposed to blow me away about this movie, but I just couldn't see it. I know it's the progenitor for plenty of what's come since, but as in a lot of classics, the legacy ends up far better than the original.

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