The Ghost and the Darkness

Year: 1996
Production Co: Constellation Entertainment
Director: Stephen Hopkins
Producer: Gale Ann Hurd
Cast: Val Kilmer, Michael Douglas, Tim Wilkinson, Emily Mortimer
I'll admit it - this movie frightened the living shit out of me. I don't really know why - in hindsight it wasn't particularly scary in a horror movie sense. But the lion attacks were too sudden and too jarring.

Based on a true story, it concerns an engineer (Kilmer) sent to the site of a rail bridge construction in 19th century Africa to deal with two rogue lions.

He teams up with experienced hunter (Douglas) to track down the pair and it becomes something of a classic Jaws motif, the wild African desert the oceans of Amity, the lions the horrifying jaws of death.

The actual case involved a pair of males who hunted together (very anthropologically unusual, apparently) and, after getting a taste for human meat, made off with over a hundred of the native African and Indian workers over a period of months, halting the construction and playing havoc with the schedule.

The nightmarish dream sequence, several brutally bloody attacks and the final standoff make for an effective thriller.

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