Ginger Snaps

Year: 2000
Director: John Fawcett
Cast: Emily Perkins, Katharine Isabelle, Mimi Rogers
An off-centre take on the werewolf legend, hipper than most big studio efforts. Two morbid, weird and inseparable sisters exist in their insular world of imaginary death and darkness. In a parable of coming of age (which is a subtext of the film), Ginger changes. Boys notice her, she notices herself, she becomes popular... and she starts killing and eating people – courtesy of a werewolf attack in the girls' neighbourhood. She likes her new powers (both sexual and lycanthropic), and each seems to fuel the other, until her sister, left behind and suddenly feeling like a stranger, desperately tries to bring her 'back'.

After consideration, it's another story about reigning in the power of femininity and the threats of the temptress and other ancient and subconscious patriarchal fears. However, all the indie grunge, alternate viewpoint and intelligent subtext is lost in the by-numbers climax as Ginger goes all the way (in more ways than one) and her sister has to hunt her werewolf form down through a dark house and knock her off. There was also what looked like a twist developing with the girls' mother (Rogers) which never eventuated. A great movie with a let-down of an ending.

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