Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla

Year: 1993
Studio: Toho Company
Director: Takao Okawara
Writer: Wataru Mimura
Toho studios have gone to colour and got a bit more money for special effects, but the guys in lizard and robot suit walking through four-foot tall buildings approach is still going strong.

When Godzilla returns after having menaced the residents of Japan since 1954 when the government successfully killed his ancestor, a top secret clique of scientists and military construct a mechanical Godzilla to fight him with.

At first the metal beast comes alive and turns on them, and the subplot of the scientist's sweet kid and the emotionally retarded and heroic young female pilot come into play to bring him under control and pilot him to destroy Godzilla.

The human elements of the story are saccharine filled tosh most of the way through, but the battle scenes are good fun if cheesy and will cement Godzilla's cult appeal to fans.

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