Godzilla vs Mothra

Year: 1992
Studio: Toho Company
Director: Takao Okawara
Writer: Kazuki Omori

The Toho aesthetic didn't change, it just went to colour. Watching Godzilla battle a giant moth creature (Mothra) is a hoot as a combination of editing cheats, a wonky rubber suit with immobile eyes and a dodgy model moth pass for a fight between two titanic monsters.

The story is padded out with a kooky and utterly unsuited subplot about a magical island populated by a primitive race who worships Mothra and are sworn to protect her egg, one of which has washed up on the beach of a fishing village.

When two tiny fairy creatures who always speak concurrently show themselves to the hero, heroine and token egghead, they realise Mothra is their only chance to fight the arisen Godzilla and they have to convince her to come to the mainland to take him on.

It's late night beer and pizza material all the way, and watching it makes you wonder what would happen if a studio put serious money and serious effects into a Godzilla movie. Then you remember Sony did it with Roland Emmerich in 1998 and the movie was almost universally panned, and you realise that maybe the B movie stylings, cheap miniatures and floppy lizard suit are what makes Godzilla what he is.

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