The Golden Child

Year: 1986
Production Co: Eddie Murphy Productions
Studio: Paramount
Director: Michael Ritchie
Cast: Eddie Murphy, James Hong, Charles Dance
On the back of Axel Foley, the character that launched Eddie Murphy to superstardom, comes this Axel-lite in a mystical adventure comedy.

Sound like a hard pitch? Murphy is a private eye specialising in missing children so he's chosen to seek out a child born in a Buddhist temple with magical powers of healing.

The blend of Axel... sorry, Eddie's Beverly Hills Cop shtick and the magic and mystery of serpent women, regenerated parrots and an evil sorcerer than can turn into a winged demon (Dance) is strange, and considering the film was going to be a serious drama thriller starring Mel Gibson, you can understand why.

But the blend of genres is fairly seamless and there are a few laughs.

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