Year: 1995
Director: Martin Campbell
Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean, Isabella Scorupco, Judi Dench, Robbie Coltrane, Famke Janssen
Timothy Dalton was insipid and too fickle to play Bond, and it couldn't last. James Bond looked dead, but the promise of Pierce Brosnan playing 007 gave the franchise a shot in the arm.

Sadly, Goldeneye was a big let down. Instead of delivering a good helping of James Bond (gadgets, action, glamour, Bond girls, an over the top villain), it tried to deliver the mother of all Bond, and failed. Villain Bean - an AWOL 00 himself - makes reference to the regimes they undermined and the despots they deposed, and it seems to be claiming to be the ultimate Bond story as a result. But it lacked an engaging plot, the villain was neither menacing enough and too serious, and M's (Dench) comment that Bond is a 'relic of the Cold War' seemed to spoil everything by being so correct.

No fun, and it was up the far better The World is Not Enough to rescue Bond and make him what he used to be.

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