Good Luck Chuck

Year: 2007
Production Co: Karz Entertainment
Director: Mark Helfrich
A bland comedy - ironic given it's almost R rated subject matter and context, depicting pretty full frontal sex and profanity.

A doltish dentist gets cursed by a goth girl who likes him as a teenager but whom he rejects. For the rest of his life, he'll be unlucky in love, but any girl he's with will go on to meet her true love after him.

A stupid set-up, yes, and much better acting, casting and dialogue rather than just profanity and puerile fucking could have made it a lot better as the hero screws every girl in town and then gets to watch them go on to meet their true loves.

When he meets the girl of his particular dreams, clumsy Jessica Alba (and how she got mixed up in this crap with her standing in Hollywood is anyone's guess), he can't bring himself to consummate the relationship for fear the curse will work again and she'll go off to another man.

Vacuous and mostly unfunny, it goes for the sniggering, swearing-is-funny crowd rather than any intelligent humour and afterwards you feel as guilty about laughing at it as you do about the procession of breasts and copulations the movie's shown you.

The only good thing is the comic offsider, the big guy who ended up in the funnier Balls of Fury, but even he has to go somewhat too far to rise above the dross.

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