Gorky Park

Year: 1983
Production Co: Eagle Associates
Director: Michael Apted
Writer: Martin Cruz Smith
Cast: Lee Marvin, William Hurt, Brian Dennehy, Richard Griffiths, Alexei Sayle, Ian McDiarmid
Ancient murder mystery thriller that I must have seen when home video first came out. Had the most intriguing forensic sequence that predated CSI and the other criminal investigation shows that are huge on TV right now where they take the victim's head and leave it in a tank with maggots. They eat the remaining flesh and just leave the clean skull so they can rebuild the face based on the bone structure to identify the body.

Otherwise nothing special, other than a main character whom you'd never suspect did it.

It must be the only film in history to bring Chertsy Bilowsky (Alexei Sayle's character of the landlord out of The Young Ones) together with a future Galactic Emperor (McDiarmid).

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