Year: 1986
Production Co: Virgin Vision
Director: Ken Russell
Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Julian Sands, Natasha Richardson, Timothy Spall, Dexter Fletcher
This must have been a movie waiting to happen forever (and proof of its appeal is the fact that there have been at least three versions).

Lord Byron, Percy and Mary Shelley sit around the former's island mansion one stormy weekend, getting high and drunk and egging each other on to write ghost stories. The result is the genesis of the entire modern horror canon, Mary Shelley waking up and imagining the creature leaning over her that would become Frankenstein.

The trio run amok, hallucinating various horrors as their darkest fears come to life. A better grounding for a movie than the movie itself, although it took one of many POVs that could have been, and there's still a wealth of stories to tell about that weekend. Somewhat highbrow for Schlock maestro Ken Russell, as well.

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