Grand Theft Auto

Year: 1977
Director: Ron Howard
Writer: Ron Howard
Cast: Ron Howard, Marion Ross, Clint Howard
Interesting simply because it was Ron Howard's first feature film, before Happy Days or American Graffiti, which he also wrote and directed, and was produced by Roger Corman, no less.

Otherwise a pretty stereotypical road movie about two Romeo and Juliet-like lovers who swipe a car from her rich father and go on the run to get married in Las Vegas.

The bratty jilted boyfriend, his mother, a local priest after the jackpotting reward, goons employed by the girl's father and a radio shock jock all weigh into the chase, and while it's mildly amusing, the car-based action gets dry (the apparently huge number of crashes used to market the local DVD release never materialise) it's more interesting for the personalities behind the movie.

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